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Kinderkraft ONETO3 ISOFIX Group 1/2/3 Car Seat

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Kinderkraft ONETO3 ISOFIX Group 1/2/3 Car Seat

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

The car seat has received the following ratings: ADAC (satisfactory), Stiftung Warentest (satisfactory) and ÖAMTC (satisfactory and third place in its weight category).

Certified safety and unlimited comfort guarantee a great trip. That's why Kinderkraft created ONETO3 2021 – a car seat designed for children weighing 9 to 36 kg (groups ECE I/II/III). It has the ISOFIX system and TOP TETHER strap, guaranteeing easy and correct installation in the car. The bucket design and SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM ensure additional protection in the event of a side collision. And the H-GUARD SYSTEM means the car seat is even better at protecting the delicate neck section of your child's spine as well as their head.

The safety and quality of the car seat are confirmed by specialised tests conducted by renowned institutes. ONETO3 2021 has successfully passed ADAC testing, which is 50% more exacting and stringent than standard ECE R44.04, as well as Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC testing, which is equally insightful and precise. The elements that were assessed include safety, operation, ergonomics, freedom from harmful substances, and cleaning. ONETO3 2021 is a car seat that both you and your little one will love.



  • Crash tested – in addition to the renowned ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC testing, ONETO3 2021 is, like all Kinderkraft car seats, subjected to rigorous crash testing at the renowned Dutch TASS INTERNATIONAL institute. Car seats continue being subjected to multi-stage testing even after it's launched.
  • ISOFIX and TOP TETHER – for children in the I group, it gets installed using ISOFIX and TOP TETHER, and you secure your little one with the internal safety harness. For older children (groups II and III), the car seat is affixed using ISOFIX and the child is secured using the car's seat belt. In these groups, there's also the option of using the car seat in cars without ISOFIX.
  • SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM – the side protection panels of the ONETO3 2021 car seat are reinforced to ensure additional protection in the event of a side collision.
  • H-GUARD SYSTEM – the tall head restraint has reinforced layers making it even better at protecting the delicate neck section of your little one's spine.
  • The bucket design with wide side protection provides even better protection for your littlie in the event of a side collision by absorbing the force of the impact.
  • Integrated base – the ONETO3 2021 car seat is integrated with the base, which ensures secure and sturdy installation in the car.
  • Correct installation indicators – ONETO3 2021 features correct installation indicators for ISOFIX and TOP TETHER. They make it much easier to correctly install the car seat in your car.
  • EASY GROW SYSTEM – the head restraint can be adjusted with one hand, which allows you to tailor the seat to your child (10 positions, 48-67 cm).
  • All Kinderkraft car seats are designed in accordance with European technical requirements, and the standards of their production are confirmed by European safety standard ECE R44.04.
  • Internal five-point safety harness – it's adjustable, meaning it's easy to adapt it to your growing youngster. It features soft pads that have a non-slip coating on the inside (ANTI-SLIPPERY SYSTEM).
  • Belt guides – these make it easier to correctly secure older children using the car's seat belts. It's easier to affix the car's seat belt.
  • The materials used to produce the car seat are tested by the renowned INTERTEK institute, so you can be sure that they're safe for both younger and older passengers.
  • Adjustable headrest – thanks to the 10 head restraint positions, it's even easier to adapt it to your child's height. This increases both your youngster's comfort and safety.
  • EASY GROW SYSTEM – this allows the head restraint to be adjusted together with the height of the safety harness without unclipping them, and all this using one hand!
  • RECLINING SYSTEM – this allows you to adjust the angle of incline of the car seat to five positions using one hand. Easy and cosy, even during short stops. The car seat has five positions. This increases comfort for your child, irrespective of how long your trip is.
  • Extensive adjustment options – the car seat can be adjusted in many different ways. Combined with the wide seat, ONETO3 2021 is suitable for both younger and older children.


  • Hiding the safety harness – when the time comes to secure your little one using the car's seat belt, you can easily place the internal five-point safety harness in the handy compartment.
  • Safety harness clips – the magnetic safety harness clips make it easier to put your child into the seat.
  • Comfortable seat – the seat is large and soft. It's made of materials that have been approved by Intertek, meaning that your little one will always be cosy and comfortable, irrespective of whether you're going on a short trip or long journey.
  • Two inserts for younger children – these are soft and profiled, and are suitable for petite children: they ensure comfort and increase safety.
  • Easy cleaning – the car seat has upholstery that's easy to remove and clean. You can easily keep ONETO3 2021 clean for many years.



  • Base: polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Cover: 300D polyester



  • Length: 41 cm
  • Width: 39 cm
  • Height: 62-81 cm (10 adjustment options)


  • Height: 52-71 cm
  • Width from the side protection panels with insert: 25 cm
  • Width of head restraint with insert: 16 cm
  • Width of seat with insert: 23.5 cm
  • Width from the side protection panels without insert: 26 cm
  • Width of head restraint without insert: 23 cm
  • Width of seat without insert: 27 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm

Seat weight: 12 kg