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Kinderkraft STELLO Wooden Cot

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Kinderkraft STELLO Multi-Level Cot

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

Are you dreaming about creating a warm, child-friendly space? Do you like harmony, cohesion and classic colours? The STELLO wooden cot will help you achieve this. It has universal style, which means it'll suit most interiors and last your child for the first few years of their life. STELLO has more than just beautiful, timeless design – it's also very stable and durable. It's functional – the height of the base (standard mattress dimensions – 120 x 60 cm) can be adjusted to three different levels. The top level is for newborns, the middle level is for infants who can't yet lift their torso and climb the rungs, and the bottom level is for older children who pull themselves up on their own, but aren't yet trying to climb out of the cot. The frame features gently rounded edges and is painted with eco-friendly paint, making STELLO completely safe for children. The cot is easy to clean, and the legs are designed to make it easier to clean underneath. In addition, the set includes rubber pads for the legs to prevent your floor getting scratched when you move the cot. STELLO will match furniture from the RACOON collection, and rooms with Scandinavian design.



  • The stable, solid frame with rounded edges means both infants and older children will be safe.
  • The meticulous finishes leave a smooth surface without any imperfections.
  • The rungs protect your child during sleep, and are spaced at a distance required by industry standards. This makes the cot is completely safe for infants.
  • The cot meets standard EN 716 for cots and EN 71-3 for eco-friendly paint that's safe for children.
  • The safety of the materials used and of the cot itself is tested at the independent Intertek laboratory.


  • The STELLO wooden cot is very easy to clean – the frame can be wiped with a clean, dry cloth.
  • STELLO features practical legs with pads that prevent your floor from getting scratched. They also make it easier to move the cot.
  • It can be fitted with a classic 120 x 60 cm mattress (maximum mattress thickness: 9 cm).


  • STELLO has three base level options – it's suitable for both newborns and older children.
  • It has a beautiful, versatile style. It'll match both modern and classic interiors, as well as those in Scandinavian style.
  • Thanks to its versatile style, the cot will look great not only with Kinderkraft's RACOON collection, but also with other furniture.



             - Sides, Tops: lacquered MDF
             - Base: wooden plywood, solid wood


             - Cot dimensions: 123 x 63.5 x 80 cm

      Base height (measured from the base to the edge of the side with the rungs):

             - Top level: 36 cm
             - Middle level: 51 cm
             - Bottom level: 61 cm

             - Suitable mattress dimensions: 120 x 60 cm
             - Maximum suitable mattress thickness: 9 cm

             - Distance between the rungs: 6 cm
             - Height of the gap between the rungs: 56 cm
             - Width of wider rung: 12 cm
             - Width of narrower rung: 5 cm
             - Dimensions of the space underneath the cot: 120 x 63.5 x 7 cm