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Kinderkraft UNO UP 3-in-1 Bedside Cot

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Kinderkraft 3-in-1 UNO UP co-sleeper cot

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

UNO UP is a well-thought-out co-sleeper cot that makes it easier for parents and children to sleep through the night. The little one will be calmer, sleeping at your side and feeling your closeness – and you will sleep better knowing the baby is safe and has its own space. The co-sleeper cot has a well-thought-out and universal design, thanks to which it fits perfectly into sleeping furniture and various interiors. In addition, the UNO UP is a practical co-sleeper cot: it has up to six levels of height adjustment to fit different beds. UNO UP is also very multifunctional – it serves not only as a co-sleeper cot, but also as a standalone baby cot. It can also replace a travel cot on trips. Its robust construction and aluminium frame make the UNO UP lightweight and ideal for trips. It can be folded up to compact size in mere seconds, and the included carrying bag makes its transport easier. It has not only a roll-down side wall, additionally protected by a soft fabric (so that it can be  turned into a co-sleeper cot), but also a mesh instead of one side wall, thanks to which the parent can always keep an eye on the toddler. The set includes a matching mattress with a cotton sheet.



  • A simple and safe mattress fitting system with long straps and easy adjustment of the legs to the depth of the bed – you will sleep peacefully, knowing your little one is safe.
  • The roll-down side wall in the co-sleeper cot is secured with an additional soft fabric.
  • The highest quality materials have been used in the creation of the UNO UP – therefore the co-sleeper cot is distinguished by its durable, strong construction. It will serve you well for a long time!
  • Instead of one side, the UNO UP features a mesh so that you can keep an eye on your little one all the time. Child wriggling or chattering through sleep? Just one glance will be enough to make sure everything is okay.
  • The co-sleeper cot complies with EN 1130:2019 and EN 16890 standards for co-sleeper cots and baby cots.


  • The UNO UP co-sleeper cot can be easily connected to the parent's bed – your child will always be close to you. The co-sleeper cot will make resting and night feeding easier, without getting out of bed.
  • A hard mattress, included in the set, will ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleep (a hard mattress for the youngest children is recommended by physiotherapists). A matching cotton sheet is included.
  • The simplicity of the cot’s folding and unfolding makes the UNO UP very handy. Folding it up does not require tools.
  • With the use of special buttons you can quickly adjust the angle of the mattress on two levels. This is especially useful when your child has rhinitis and you want to make it easier for them to breathe.
  • The UNO UP also features six height levels, making it very versatile. It will fit both a higher, double bed and a lower, single bed.


  • The UNO UP is a 3-in-1 product – it serves as a co-sleeper cot and an independent baby cot. This is made possible by a roll-down side wall, which allows you to make a baby cot out of a co-sleeper bed in mere seconds. In addition, it can replace a travel cot.
  • A transport bag, which makes it easy to carry and store the cot, is included in the set. Going on holiday with your youngster? Take the UNO UP with you!
  • It is easy to transport – not only is it simple to fold up to compact size, but it is also made of an aluminium frame, which is very light (8.4 kg).
  • The cot is slim and elegant – it fits most interiors. It will perfectly match the bedroom furniture.


  • Material:

         - Sheet: 100% breathable cotton        
         - Cover: polyester, easy to clean        
         - Frame: aluminium

  • Dimensions:

         - Width of the legs: 67 cm (distance between legs)
         - Depth: 52 cm
         - Length: 93 cm
         - Carrycot width 56.5 cm
         - Mattress: length 81 cm, width 52 cm
         - Height of the cot to the parent's mattress: 49.5–61.5 cm
         - Folded (in the bag): 61 cm x  94 cm x 16 cm
         - Weight: 9.9 kg

  • Height:

          Level 1:
          - Total height: 66 cm.
          - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 32 cm.

         Level 2:
          - Total height: 68.5 cm.
          - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 34 cm.

         Level 3:
          - Total height: 70.5 cm.
          - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 36 cm.

        Level 4:
         - Total height: 73.5 cm.
         - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 38 cm.

       Level 5:
        - Total height: 76 cm.
        - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 41 cm.

      Level 6:

       - Total height: 78 cm.
       - Height from the bottom of the cot to the floor: 43 cm.

The sew-on badges with warnings placed on the sides of the co-sleeper cot are in line with the requirements of the EN 1130 European standard and are placed there to remind you of the correct use of the cot for your child's safety.