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Bluebell 7-in-1 Smart Baby Monitor

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7-in-1 Baby Monitor

Bluebell is the ultimate baby monitor, monitoring more so you worry less.

Parents say it’s like having an extra pair of ears and eyes monitoring baby’s breathing, temperature, crying and rolling onto their tummy, with a simple clip-on sensor supplying real-time alerts to the Bluebell app, or optional upgrade to HD camera and smart wristband that works inside the house and outside too.

The new HD camera keeps your baby in sight 24/7 and it’s easy to track routines and monitor sleep patterns with the Bluebell app. Further practical features include a nightlight, lullabies and white noise to soothe your baby to sleep.

Monitoring your baby’s breathing, temperature, crying, movement, sleep and more, Bluebell goes above and beyond the traditional baby monitor by patterns and trends and translating them into simple parenting insights to make parenting simpler.

Use Bluebell to gain insights and reminders to improve your baby’s routine, such as: planning nappy changes, feeds, pumping, medication, bath-time and sleep.

Bluebell has been designed by doctors to monitor more things that matter, so you can worry less.


  • 7-in-1 system: Baby Monitor, Smart Hub and Mobile App
  • Breathing tracking with real time alerts for any irregularities
  • Tracks the room and baby's skin temperature, with real time alerts for drops or increases in temperature
  • Babysitters, friends and family can download the app so they are able to follow the routine. The information gathered through the app can also be shown to your healthcare professionals.
  • Roll on tummy movement alerts, so you can gently roll your baby back into a safe sleeping position
  • Crying alerts to let you know when your baby is awake
  • Sleep tracking, with insights straight to your mobile app
  • Audio monitoring, with two-way communication to listen in and talk to your baby
  • Rechargeable battery: Baby Monitor lasts up to 3 days and takes 2 hours for a full charge
  • Baby monitor: Diameter: 4.3cm/ Thickness: 1cm, Strap length: 17.8cm, Smart Hub: L19.2 x W6.5 x H3.6cm
  • Suitable from birth to 2 years

The lightweight clip-on sensor monitors your baby’s breathing, temperature, crying and rolling onto their tummy. Featuring a choke-proof size and design, the sensor is safe to be used straight from birth. As well as being fully enclosed, the sensor is water resistant making it sweat, splash and drool proof. The Baby Monitor is made from soft thermo-plastic-elastomer (TPE) material that follows the regulations of baby products that come into contact with baby’s skin. With up to 3 days battery life, the Baby Monitor alerts when the battery is low and takes 2 hours for full charge.

Whats Included:

Baby Monitor (Sensor), Smart Hub, App, Instruction Manual, Lead Cable and Plug.