East Coast Cot Bed All Natural Mattress Front View 120 x 60 cm
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East Coast Cot All Natural Mattress - 120 x 60 cm

Vendor: East Coast

East Coast 120 x 60 cm All Natural Cot Mattress

The All Natural Mattress has a luxurious bamboo fabric cover and is stuffed with wool and natural coir, making it a truly natural mattress.
The waterproof covering on the mattress can be changed to provide protection where it's needed.
The quilted cover is water-resistant and breathable, allowing for maximum air flow and heat dissipation to keep baby cool and comfortable.
The cover is machine washable at 60°C and detachable.

Interior is made of wool and natural coir, with a quilted bamboo fabric cover.
The core is protected from liquids by a movable waterproof covering.
Water-resistant and breathable quilted cover allows for good air flow and heat dissipation.
The cover is fully zipped and can be removed for washing at 60 degrees.

Cot dimensions:

L: 120 x W: 60 x D: 10 cm