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HotTea Mamma Night Owl

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HotTea Mamma Night Owl Tea


For all the late nights, early mornings and broken sleep, Night Owl is here. This caffeine-free tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod.  

A carefully balanced blend of natural herbal ingredients renowned for soothing the body and soothing the soul.  Whole chamomile flowers, lavender, valerian root, lime flowers, rooibos and corn flowers make up this blend.

Only whole leaf, natural ingredients are used to ensure that you get the full flavour and goodness of the herbs and flowers.  Our whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea bags are plant based and release fewer tannins into a brew, ensuring it is gently up-lifting.

You can enjoy Night Owl if you're caffeine conscious and reducing your daily caffeine consumption.

All teas are vegan and gluten free.

Contains 15 whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea pyramids.  
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.


  • Chamomile
  • Rooibos 
  • Valerian root 
  • Lime flowers 
  • Lavender 
  • Cornflowers 



Delicate and balanced – the lightness of chamomile with a lavender undertone

The blend was carefully designed to contain enough Valerian Root to help relax you, but not have too overtly ‘woody’ a taste. Likewise, the percentage of the lavender was carefully chosen to ensure it isn’t overpowering, but lifts the blend.

Lime flowers are also known as linden flowers and give this blend a sweet aroma which pairs perfectly with it’s chamomile base.

Rooibos adds a touch of Seville Orange sweetness.

We don’t recommend adding milk or sugar, but follow your cravings and personal taste!


1. Place 1 whole leaf tea bag in a 300ml cup
2. Pour freshly boiled water over it
3. Brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste
4. Remove bag from cup, and keep in a small dish (or egg cup!) by your kettle
5. Re-brew your bag, and just leave it in the cup for a little longer
6. Relax and take a moment with your cuppa.

We don’t recommend adding milk, but honey is a perfect match if you have a sweet tooth.



All the ingredients in Night Owl have been carefully balanced for breastfeeding.  We recommend limiting yourself to no more than 3 cups of one type of herbal tea a day.

And you can try having a cup of Night Owl one hour before the final feed of the day - it's calming benefits should pass on to your baby through your milk, and hopefully make bed time a little easier!



- Each box contains 15 whole leaf tea bags.
- They are totally plastic free, made from cornstarch which is 100% biodegradable. Once you've enjoyed your cuppa, put the bag in your food bin, as they'll take years to decompose on a home compost.
- The inner bag which holds the tea bags is also biodegradable - it's derived from paper! Put this in your food bin too.
- And don't forget to recycle the box! It can biodegrade too, but recycling is the most eco-friendly option.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many time can I brew this tea?

All of our teas are blended with whole leaf ingredients, and therefore can be brewed atleast twice to give you great value for money per cup.  We recommend brewing Night Owl 3 times as it retains it's flavour well.