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HotTea Mamma Morning Rescue

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HotTea Mamma Morning Rescue Tea


Morning Rescue is a tummy soothing blend of whole leaves of lemon verbena, lemon balm, African mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger.

These ingredients have all been used for millennia to support happy tummies and some small scale research has looked into this.  It believes that their benefits link to the gingerols in the ginger, and citrals in the lemon-y ingredients that are both anti-inflammatory.

Only whole leaf, natural ingredients are used to ensure that it is as gentle as possible on your stomach.  Our whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea bags are plant based and release fewer tannins into your brew, ensuring it is less likely to aggravate your tummy.

We incredibly proud that this tea is multi-award winning.  It has won in the 2019 UK Baby Awards, Best Maternity Product & 2017 Bizzie Baby Awards, Bronze Award.

Blended for pregnancy, none of the ingredients identified as a risk in research or by the NHS - for full details see the FAQs on this page.  But there's no need to stop drinking it past your first trimester, as any morning can be brightened by this blend!

Gluten free and Vegan friendly

Contains 15 whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea pyramids.  
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.



- Lemongrass 

- Ginger root 

- African mint 

- Lemon verbena 

- Lemon balm



Uplifting and zingy – citrus with a touch of spice and a tingle of mint

We’ve used three different types of lemon to ensure that the sweet, citrus notes are the perfect base to the tea. Lemongrass has notes of mint in it’s flavour profile. Lemon Balm is mellow and warm. Lemon Verbena is sweetly pungent. The combination of these three ‘lemons’ is ultimately incredibly well balanced.

Whole pieces of Ginger bring a warming tingle to the tea.

African Mint finishes the blend with a sweet note.

We don’t recommend adding milk or sugar, but follow your cravings and personal taste!



All the ingredients have been carefully selected for their suitability throughout life.

Lemongrass is considered suitable by the NHS, but we've pulled together all the research...check it out.



1. Place 1 whole leaf tea bag in a 300ml cup
2. Pour freshly boiled water over it
3. Brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste
4. Remove bag from cup, and keep in a small dish (or egg cup!) by your kettle
5. Re-brew your bag, and just leave it in the cup for a little longer
6. Relax and take a moment with your cuppa.

We don’t recommend adding milk, but honey is a perfect match if you have a sweet tooth.



- Each box contains 15 whole leaf tea bags.
- They are totally plastic-free, made from cornstarch which is 100% biodegradable. Once you've enjoyed your cuppa, put the bag in your food bin, as they'll take years to decompose on a home compost.
- The inner bag which holds the tea bags is also biodegradable - it's derived from paper! Put this in your food bin too.
- And don't forget to recycle the box! It can biodegrade too, but recycling is the most eco-friendly option.


Kelly Downey Bizzie Baby Awards

The tea was 100% effective, I have tried all the old wife’s tales and nothing has helped as much as the tea. I had to force the first few sips as I was very nauseous but after that, it was a godsend. I loved the taste of the tea, lemon is one of my favorite tastes anyway but along with the ginger and mint, I found it very enjoyable.

Full review here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lemongrass suitable for pregnancy?

Studies have shown that the essential oil, citral, can have hugely beneficial effects in easing nausea after it is inhaled regularly for 2-4 days. This is a key component of lemongrass and why it is recommended as a tea or aromatherapy treatment if you suffer from nausea.

If you google lemongrass and pregnancy, you may read that it is dangerous. However, this is not true. It is unfortunately based on poor research.

The only recent medical research on this (from Brazil in 2016 - Use of Medicinal Plants with Teratogenic and Abortive Effects by Pregnant Women in a City in Northeastern Brazil.

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet. 2016 Mar;38(3):127-31. DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1580714. Epub 2016 Mar 29.) shows that lemongrass definitely has no toxic impacts on pregnancy. 

However, many websites refer to a much older study (2006). Whilst the recent research proves it wrong, we should still consider it carefully.

This study gave mice 60 mg/kg body weight of citral - one component that is found in lemongrass essential oil (c. 60-70% of essential oil when extracted). This dose is hugely concentrated compared to drinking an infusion from a tea or using lemongrass in a meal where you do not then eat the grass itself. When you drink tea or a Thai dish with lemongrass in it, you will get a maximum of 40% of compounds pulled from the leaf.


o put this into context, in each bag of our Morning Rescue tea, there is less than 1g of lemongrass. So, this means 0.7g in the highest case of citral, of which you extract 0.28g at most. If you weigh 55kg (8.6 stone), you'd need to therefore eat or drink 3.3g of citral per day to be similar to the mice study. This is 12 cups of tea a day for a sustained period. And obviously, if you weigh more than 8 and a half stone, this increases more, but 12 cups is a good guideline.

Now, the NHS advises that no one should drink more than 3 cups of any herbal tea a day. And we follow this guidance. As such, the tea is nowhere near being the same level of the research. 

How many cups can I have a day?

NHS guidelines recommend a maximum 3 cups of any herbal tea a day. Whilst this tea is not a drug, and is a natural remedy, you should give it 3-5 days to have an impact. The impact of natural galactagogues will vary person to person.

Why do these ingredients help with morning sickness?

Each ingredient used in our Morning Rescue blend has been picked for the long traditional use to support easing sickness. 

Lemon Verbena
Lemon verbena contains an amazing antioxidant called verbascoside, which increases the level of tyrosine phosphatase in your body, which reduces inflammation. This can help soothe an irritated stomach. Also, the lemon aroma has been anecdotally said to relieve the feeling of nausea for some women.

Lemon Balm
The aroma of lemon balm can be very soothing when you have Morning Sickness. It has been used for hundreds of years as a natural tummy soother due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies from the National Institute of Health in America show that ginger is safe as part of a pregnancy diet, and that it can reduce nausea. This is because of one of its active compounds, called 6-gingerol, which makes the gastrointestinal muscles relax. Of all the herbs that can help ease Morning Sickness, this is considered to have the strongest effect.

Used for millennia as a stomach soother, mint is another anti-inflammatory herb, and it also aids digestion which can be a real benefit later in pregnancy, when digestion is known to slow down.

Known as a ‘nervine’, lemongrass can help reduce stress and tension in the body. Soothing both your stomach and your mind.