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HotTea Mamma The Final Push

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HotTea Mamma The Final Push - Raspberry Leaf Tea


Prepare to meet your baby from 32 weeks with The Final Push raspberry leaf tea. Raspberry leaf tea has traditionally been used to help ease your babies entrance into the world. It has been linked to shorter and more straightforward births in research.  As well as potentially helping recovery too.

It's believed to help due to the fragarine that is found in raspberry leaves and the positive effect is has on uterine strength.

We've blended red raspberry leaves with whole peppermint to create a sweet, refreshing and comforting cuppa.  It can not only help prepare for labour but also help aid digestion.

This tea is designed to be drunk from the third trimester. We recommend drinking 1 cup per day from 32 - 33 weeks, and providing you don't have braxton hicks as a result, increase this to 2 cups per day from 33 - 34 weeks.  Then increase to drink 3 cups a day from 34 weeks until your baby arrives.

We only use whole leaf red raspberry leaf and peppermint, to ensure you get the biggest benefit from each cup. Our whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea bags are plant based and release fewer tannins into a brew, ensuring it is as refreshing as possible.

Don't just take our word that The Final Push is delicious though.  It has won awards, from the 2019 UK Baby Awards - Best Maternity Product to 2020 Dear Bump - Best Pregnancy Supplement.

Vegan and gluten free.


Refreshingly minty and herbaceous.

Raspberry leaf does not taste like raspberries! It has a flavour akin to green tea, with subtle vegetal notes and a slight bitterness.

Whole leaf peppermint is sweeter and with a more intense mint flavour compared to a traditional tea bag.

In combination, they have a sweet and herby taste, with a thick mouthfeel.

We don’t recommend adding milk or sugar, but follow your cravings and personal taste!


Raspberry leaf. has been drunk for millennia towards the end of pregnancy.The earliest any national body advises having raspberry leaf from, is 32 weeks. And some even say to wait until 35 weeks.

We recommend starting with one cup a day from 32 weeks.

How to brew...

We recommend 1 cup a day from 32 weeks, 2 cups a day from 33 weeks, and then 3 cups a day from 34 weeks until your baby arrives.

1. Use 1 whole leaf tea bag, per 300ml cup
2. Add freshly boiled water
3. Brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste
4. Remove bag from cup, and keep in a small dish by your kettle
5. Re-brew your bag, and just leave it in the cup for a little longer
6. Relax and take a moment with your cuppa.

We don’t recommend adding milk, but a splash of honey is the perfect accompaniment if you have a sweet tooth.


- There are 15 whole leaf tea bags in each box

- They are made from corn starch and are 100% plastic free and biodegradable. It's best
to put them in your food bin once you've finished with them as they will take many years to decompose on a home compost

- The inner bag is also 100% plastic free and biodegradable, made from paper! It's also best to go in your food bin.

- You could compost the box, but it's better to recycle this as it's cardboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Raspberry leaf tea make my baby arrive early?

The short answer is no.  There's no real evidence to show that drinking raspberry leaf when you're overdue will kick things off.  Instead, the evidence shows that it can lead to a shorter second stage and fewer interventions when you're delivering your baby.  This is why we recommend drinking it as part of your birth preparation from 32 weeks.  

How much raspberry leaf is in this blend?

It is 60% raspberry leaf and 40% peppermint.  This is to balance the flavour, and allow the peppermint to also help heartburn which is a major issue for many women at the end of pregnancy.  Also, the raspberry leaf we use is whole leaf.  This is so you can get more of it's benefits compared to dust, which is found in a normal tea bag, but also loses it's goodness to the air quickly after production.  However, this leaf is really big so we couldn't make a 100% raspberry leaf, whole leaf tea bag.



Are there any occasions not to drink raspberry leaf?

If you're pregnant, there are a few occasions not to drink raspberry leaf.  These are set out in national guidelines here. We recommend talking to your midwife for specific guidance if you have any concerns.