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Innopet® Adventure Dog Pram

Vendor: Innopet
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Innopet® Adventure All Terrain Dog Buggy


The Innopet Buggy Adventure is an all terrain dog stroller.
Free to raom anywhere with your fur baby.

The 12" EFA tyres with a front swivel wheel and shock absorber provide a smooth ride for walking, jogging or exploring beaches.
It is designed for easy maneuverability, exceptionally compact and robust.
There is no need to leave your fur baby at home when the adventure awaits.

The Adventure buggy takes a weight limit of up to 30kg. Ideal for a medium to large dog or 2 small best buddies.
It features a slightly higher cabin than most models. There is lots of storage space for treats and your goodies with a rear zip for easy access.
The Adventure cabin is pre-zipped with two zippers that allow for zipping and unzipping from both sides just like with a suitcase.
No more threading a zipper like you do with a jacket every time you use it.


  •  Parent tray with 2 cup holders and a large accessory tray with lid
  • Front convertible wheel that swivels on smooth surfaces and can be fixed for rough surfaces
  • Shock absorbers for a smoother ride
  • Rear wheel single action brake bar for extra safety
  • Removable thick poly-filled pad
  • Flat fold for convenient storage
  •  2 interior adjustable tethers for multiple pet containment and safety.
  • NO tools required.
  • Ideal for joggers and walkers
  • EFA tyres 12" Front & Back


  • Maximum loading weight: 30 kgs.
  • Carrier size: 66 cm long x 36 cm wide x 56 cm high
  • Gross weight: 11 kgs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 94 cm long x 58 cm width x 103 cm high
  • Folded dimensions: 99 cm long x 61 cm width x 61 cm high
  • Handle height 103cm (foam grip push bar)


Innopet Strollers & Bike Trailers come with a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • all manufacturing defects in the fixed frame (24 months)
  • all manufacturing defects in the axles (24 months)
  • all manufacturing defects in the wheels (24 months)
  • all manufacturing defects of the safety harness (24 months)
  • all manufacturing defects on the fabric / covers and zippers (12 months)

Brand: Innopet
Model: Adventure
Terrain Use: All Terrain & Urban