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Kinderkraft 5-in-1 UNIMO 2020 Bouncer

Vendor: Kinderkraft

Kinderkraft 5-in-1 UNIMO 2020 Bouncer Rocker

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

In meeting the expectation of both our young users and their parents, we've created UNIMO 2020, which combines five functions in one product! The UNIMO 2020 bouncer-rocker will grow with your child. UNIMO 2020 is a cot and cradle that you can use as soon as your little one arrives. As your child develops, the product will change depending on the needs, and become a bouncer, rocker and seat at the same time. The toy bar will keep your child busy for a minute so that you can do things you need both hands for (such as making lunch).



  • The three-point safety harness will prevent your child from falling out of the rocker.
  • You can lock the bouncer in a stable position, which you can unlock at any time to use the rocking function.
  • The mosquito net included in the set will protect your little one from mosquitoes and flies even when camping.
  • The deep hood protects your child against the sun and wind – the bouncer-rocker can be set up outside!


  • Easy folding and unfolding makes transport a breeze.
  • The entire cover can be easily removed and washed, which means UNIMO UP can always be clean and ready to use.
  • The soft cover provides your child with comfort, irrespective of what they're doing, and when they get tired, you can easily change their position.
  • The equally soft mattress is not only comfortable for your little one to sit on, but a great space for a pleasant nap!


  • The UNIMO UP bouncer-rocker has five functions: a cot, cradle, bouncer, rocker and seat.
  • You can change between the functions in just a few seconds. Has your toddler grown? Transform the seat into a bouncer! Or perhaps your child wants to be rocked? Release the lock on the feet and enjoy this UNIMO UP function!
  • The detachable toy bar will keep your little one entertained for longer, while you make lunch or enjoy a coffee. At the same time, the toys stimulate your child, thus supporting the development of their imagination.
  • UNIMO UP can be set at three different angles: sitting, reclining and lie-flat positions. This makes it suitable for infants!
  • It takes up very little room when folded.


  • Material: PP plastic
  • PVC Cover
  • Dimensions: 50 x 75 x 72 cm

           - Weight: 5.76 kg

For ages: 0+ (weight 0-18 kg)