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Kinderkraft ADOREE Baby Carrier

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Kinderkraft ADOREE Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

ADOREE combines the best features of a soft sling and an ergonomic carrier. It ensures that the child adopts a physiologically natural position, and at the same time it is easy to adjust and tie. This hybrid solution allows you to provide your baby with a sense of closeness and comfort while taking care of their and your spine.

For older and younger children

ADOREE is dedicated to children from the age of 3 months up to 20 kg. Depending on your baby's age, you can choose from three different tying options so that the baby is in the most healthy position. The option of carrying older children on your back allows them to explore the world from a completely different perspective.

  • 3 ways of tying – which can be adjusted to your child's height and age to ensure the best comfort and correct posture.
  • 2 ways of carrying – the carrier allows you to carry your baby on your stomach and on your back (children over a year).
  • Support for the spine – the carrier supports the natural posture of babies. Thanks to the special tying method, designed for babies between 8 and 12 months, you can take even better care of their developing spine.

Safety position of the child

The ADOREE ergonomic carrier allows your baby to adopt a safe posture. The baby has M-shaped legs and a rounded back, which supports the correct development of these skeletal structures. It does not strain the small hips, reducing the risk of dysplasia.
Certified product. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has confirmed that the position of the child in the ADOREE carrier is safe, ergonomic, and correct for the healthy development of the baby.

Special panels to support the baby's head and legs

Special foam in the head, neck, and leg support panel provides good support and also protects the baby's delicate skin from abrasions. The soft material ensures maximum comfort.

All-weather comfort

The detachable hood will protect your baby's delicate head from both sun and drizzle. Adoree will wrap your baby's head, protecting it in all conditions.

Comfort of the baby comes first

The ADOREE is made from natural, breathable materials – cotton and a combination of viscose and linen. Its adjustable panel allows you to easily adjust the carrier to the age and weight of your baby.
The carrier is machine washable (non-spinning programme), so your baby will always travel in perfect conditions.

Comfort for the parent

Using the ADOREE carrier you will always have your baby with you and at the same time have your hands free, maintaining freedom of movement. An additional advantage of the carrier is its simplicity of use. The ADOREE is easier to tie than a baby sling. When the baby gets tired of walking, it only takes a moment to let them rest in your arms.
We have also taken care of the carrying comfort – the long shoulder straps allow you to freely adjust the carrier and distribute the weight of the child well, thus relieving the back of the parent, and the adjustable waist belt makes it easy to adjust the ADOREE to your body shape. The strap elastics further increase your comfort by clipping the loose material together, so nothing bumps against your body during your walks.
The carrier is compact - when folded you can easily fit it into your bag or backpack.


The carrier meets the CEN TR 16512:2015 standard for baby carriers

Material: cotton (back), viscose, and linen (shoulder straps)


  • length: 50 cm
  • width: 38 cm
  • length of fabric waist belt: 68.5 cm
  • waistbelt adjustment circumference: 68.5-164 cm
  • length of shoulder straps: 188 cm

Weight: 0.58 kg