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Kinderkraft MILO Baby Carrier

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Kinderkraft MILO Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

MILO ergonomic baby carrier is a combination of comfort and functionality. The ergonomic MILO carrier allows you to carry smaller children on your belly (back to the world). Older children can be carried on the back, facing the world. The appropriate construction ensures the safe position of the child while carrying, while the materials it is made of guarantee softness and comfort. MILO allows transporting children from 3 months to 20 kg. It is a product for parents who know that for the proper development of their child, it is important to be close, giving their child a sense of safety.

The baby carrier has been positively recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), which encourages the carrying of children as long as it is possible to maintain a position with widely spaced legs. MILO is a combination of original design and incredible comfort. MILO has been appreciated by the prestigious ALLES BESTE magazine.



    • Safe position - the MILO baby carrier has been tested by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and received a positive evaluation - it is a product that supports the healthy body posture of your child.
    • The carrycot can be fastened in such a way that the child retains the correct posture appropriate to a given age. Smaller children should be carried in a stomach position (back to the world).
    • In the MILO carrycot the child takes the physiological position of a "frog", where both knees and hips are bent to an M-shape - the bottom is slightly lower than the knees, and the legs are spread out wide to the sides.
    • Specially profiled material protects the child's head, ensuring proper support without the risk of bending.
    • The MILO carrycot has a wide seat, supporting the bottom and thighs and soft, not stiffened fabric. This construction ensures the most natural position of baby's legs and backs so that the baby maintains the correct position.


    • Innovative infinitely adjustable panel - the height of the carrier panel can be adjusted as desired, seamlessly. All this to provide your baby with an ergonomic, cushioning position that suits the growing toddler and supports safe development.
    • Wide and soft waistband (10cm) reduces the pressure on the parent's back, making it more comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps, on the other hand, help to distribute the child's weight evenly and their soft padding ensures optimal pressure on hips and shoulders.
    • Elastic band system - the carrier uses a system of elastics, which enables shortening of the adjustment straps and prevents their ends from overhanging. This solution makes it even more comfortable in use.
    • Soft pads under buckles - made of soft material under buckle pads perfectly reduce pressure and prevent abrasion, increasing the comfort of carrying.
    • Pocket placed in the waistband - a small pocket placed in the waistband allows you to store the necessary items that you need to always have at hand.
    • Made of soft cotton - both the inner and outer parts are made of fabrics that provide adequate ventilation, are durable and soft. The carrier is pleasant to the touch, which allows for comfortable use by both parents and children.
    • Easy and intuitive in use - the carrier is extremely easy to adjust to both children and parents needs.
    • The MILO carrier is also a reliable solution for parents who do not have to give up their activities while carrying their child. The comfort of use and knowledge of the child's secure position enables you to keep your hands free.


    • Designed for children from 3 months to 20 kg. It will serve you for years.

    • Two carrying positions - on the stomach and the back (for younger and older).
    • Adjustable shoulder straps, the distance between them and the width of the hip belt allows the carrier to be adjusted to the child and the person carrying it. The buckle connecting the shoulder straps can be adjusted higher or lower to make it easier for the parent to fasten and unfasten the carrier on their own.
    • Thanks to the materials used, the carrier is easy to clean, dries quickly and material does not crumple.
    • Original design - it is not only beautiful but also universal. It will be suitable for both shopping and a weekend trip to a restaurant.
    • Its small size when folded and weight allows you to have the carrier always with you. You can take the carrier anywhere - it will fit into a pram bag, backpack or a bigger bag.


      • Material: 20% Cotton, 80% Polyester


        Child support material:

                  - Width: Lower part 33 cm, Upper part 38 cm
                  - Height: 42 cm
                  - Waistband width at the front: 10 cm
                  - Length of waistband fabric: 67 cm, plus a maximum adjustable strap of 70 cm
                  - Shoulder strap: 53 cm, plus a maximum adjustable shoulder strap of 55 cm
                  - Maximum adjustable crossbody strap: 46 cm       
                  - Pocket in front of waistband: 20 x 9 cm

          Weight: 0.39 kg

          Weight of child: up to 20 kg

          Standards: Meets European Safety Standards according to CEN TR 16512:2015
          Certificates: recommendation of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)