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Kinderkraft SMARTPLAY Educational Playmat

Vendor: Kinderkraft
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Kinderkraft SMARTPLAY Interactive Playmat

Kinderkraft provides peace of mind with an industry-best 10-year warranty!

The large, interactive SMARTPLAY educational mat helps develop your child's sensory abilities soon after birth. The set includes seven toys that can be changed around, and 20 colourful balls. It comes with a soft cushion, which improves your child's comfort when they're on their stomach. The mat can also act as a playpen (it features six raisable walls that feature animals). SMARTPLAY stimulates sight, hearing and touch while providing great entertainment for your child.



    • The playpen function stops the child from getting off the mat.
    • The Velcro used to join the walls is safe for children.
    • It's designed and approved in the European Union, and made in compliance with applicable EU directives (EN 71-1).


    • The soft material and attached cushion improve your child's comfort while they play on the floor.
    • It's easy to fold and transport – you can take it with you wherever you like.
    • The mat is easy to keep clean, which is essential with small children.
    • The thick material provides excellent insulation against the cold floor.
    • The adjustable bars allow you to adapt their height to the child.


    • The mat is multi-functional – it'll support the development of your child's motor and manual skills, and stimulate their senses.
    • When needed, it can be transformed into a ball pen (balls come included in the set).
    • The animals on the walls will encourage your toddler to raise their head and exercise their neck muscles.


      • Seven toys: mirror, rustling book, two teethers, rattle, squeaking tiger, and ringing elephant.
      • 20 balls in four colours.



                  - Hooks, balls and toy elements: lightweight plastic
                  - Fabric: polyester
                  - Cushion: polyester

          Weight: 1.04 kg