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Scoot Lock

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Scooter Lock

SCOOT LOCK goes everywhere the scooter goes once fitted.
It is easy to attach, simple to use, and has a combination lock, rather than a key to worry about losing.

A long adjustable cable means the scooter can be attached to a railing, a post, a tree, other scooters – just about anything!

Great for Bikes and Buggies too!


A 90cm long spring-loaded toughened steel cable, coated with plastic, allows it to be locked to many items.


There’s no need to carry it and you can’t forget it. You clamp it to the scooter stem and there it stays.


The reflective front badge included with every purchase helps your child to be seen in the dark.


Can be moved to a bigger scooter as your child grows. It fits child, mini, micro, urban & adult scooters. Great for bikes & buggies too.


Choose from five bright colours to stand out in the park.


Suitable for all types of Scooters; Mini, Micro, Kickboard, Kickscooters, Urban, and Adult.
Great for Bikes & Buggies too!

Fitting Instructions

  • Position the front casing to the desired position on your scooter stem. For scooters with easy release stems, position Scoot Lock low on the stem to enable the cable to be threaded through the wheels first before securing to whatever you might be securing your scooter too.
  • Fit bracket around the stem into the casing, making sure the two holes are facing down. Depending on the size of the scooter stem you may wish to add some, or all, of the provided spacers for the best fit.
  • Insert screws with the washers, into the holes and tighten with the Allen key (keep the Allen key in a safe place for future use ).
  • Place the screw cover over the screws.

Transfer to another scooter

  • Remove the screw cover by inserting the Allen key into each hole on the underside of the bracket, the cap will pop off.
  • Use the Allen key to remove screws.
  • Then follow the fitting instructions above to attach to your next scooter or bike.

Creating Your Own Code

  • Personalise your code by holding in the small white button on the side of the lock.
  • While the button is held in, twist the numbers to the position of your own personal code.
  • Release the button and your code is set.
  • Keep the code to yourself and remember to scramble your code whilst scooting or while it's unlocked.

If you forget your code, sadly there is no reset button, so DON’T forget it, when you set it!